Why Sense8 on Netflix is the best LGBTQ show

Generally, when I asked my friends about Sense8 their responses were favorable and some of them met with some critical receptions as well. Apart from nominating and getting number of awards for this series, let just focus on how beautifully the plot and the characters have been portrayed and created. I follow a lot of shows and series on Netflix like Game Of Thrones, Stranger Things, Narcos and many more but I personally have a spot for this show, as I thought in the beginning of the series that it was an action film but later got revealed with lots of emotional imbalances (drama) that happened in the series. As an audience what we demand and desire to watch is something which we could relate ourselves into that position or situations rather than just binge-watch the show, also I’m a bad critic though, I’ve many in the lists that don’t make me happy as an audience but sense8 was something I would recommend my friends to follow. But why?

Let’s talk about the reasons inside. Besides having tremendous cinematography, locations and beautiful music in the background, I think the basic theme tone that plays around is of Empathy, as it compels us to get connected with the characters, and the ability of the show to make us feel so is really important in a series or any other movies we watch. We see that there are many characters from different parts of the world, as they are struggling to learn and understand themselves better meanwhile they are also able to make us understand their struggles and lead us to their journeys. When someone gets offended what do they generally do or say, “you will understand if you were wearing my shoes” so it’s like that, Sense8 is about that, it really allows its audiences to know the realities by living their experiences and feeling what they actually feel, they portray a fresh air of empathy, comprehension, and dialogues in the series so well that we really get along with the scenes that go on further. Sense8 altogether is science fiction with a lot of liberalism I feel, the favorite thing I would take note from the show is the sense of oneness. It talks about unity that we as the audience feel with the whole group of characters, irrespective of any self labels such as sexuality, race, religion, gender or culture.

There are characters who belong from the LGBTQ community setting the plot with lots of diverse casts that has ever put in a film and in addition to this there are people who belong from, Africa, America, India, Iceland, Mexico, and Germany which makes the plot more diverse in its newest form, also the volume of the show is simply the individual struggles that the people are facing in their own lives and their ability to create a telepathic connection to each other provides the support and strength.

The show has really developed the tendency to break down and simplify the stereotypes and problems generally faced in modern times, the show really focuses on sexuality as I think merging it with science fiction is an incredible idea. Even though the show is underrated related to its issues (real issues people tend not to follow), Sense8 has really brought and has been successful in bringing and uncovering the harsh realities of the world through his characters, fighting and moving on with their lives and sexuality.

It has really empowered the voiceless and the fighters, who go through a lot in their real lives, and In today’s world, we are an inch ahead of making and creating everything valuable by watching the real issues which are ignored generally.

That is why I feel that Sense8 is the best LGBTQ show.


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