Teen Who Made Threats to Attack Gay Bar Arrested by FBI


Olsen, an 18-year-old Ohio man was charged on August 12 after making several threats on a website known as iFunny under the username “Army of Christ”.

The ArmyOfChrist iFunny account has over 5,000 subscribers and about 40 users. It was taken down after inquiries from BuzzFeed News but is back up now.


The 18-year-old known for his rage against the LGBT community posted a message; “I just turned 18, I’m in the process of building a [AR-15] right now.” Olsen said. “Good luck, I’m moving to Austin for college, but I’m building a gun to keep in a lockbox down there in case sh*t hits the fan while I’m away at college. I can’t keep guns on campus, unfortunately.”

Olsen stated “Me thanking God that they put the gay bar and Planned Parenthood right next to each other.” Shortly after posting a meme of a man shooting an assault rifle.

iFunny is a very influential mobile app among young adults in the US. There are over 10 million unique US users in the app per month. It’s approximately equal to 25% of the young adults’ population of the US. It is assumed that per cent of the potential criminals among them has a 100% correlation with the per cent of the potential criminals among the whole society.

In a post, Olsen threatened;

“Shoot every federal agent on sight.”

Federal agents decided to act this month because of recent mass shootings. Agents raided Olsen’s family home in Youngstown, Ohio shortly after his arrest.

Federal Agents stated that they discovered 10,000 rounds of ammunition in his bedroom, 300 rounds of ammunition close to the stairs, 15 rifles, 10 semi-automatic pistols, 1 machete and several camouflage clothing.

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Olsen was charged with aggravated menacing after he admitted the threat. He was indicted on charges of making interstate threats and threats against federal law enforcement.

With the first charge, Olsen is looking at a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and the second adds another maximum penalty of five years.

Olsen still insists that it was all a joke and for fun. He described his posts about shooting federal agents as “a hyperbolic conclusion based on the results of the Waco siege.” Olsen remains at the Mahoning County Jail as he awaits trial.

“Law enforcement encourages the public to report suspicious online or in-person behaviour – see something, say something.”


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