Why is the concept of homosexuality portrayed in today’s TV series.

In today’s time, there are several TV series which talks about and shows it audiences about different new issues and topics that is going on in the world. The advancement of technology is helping people get more advanced in terms of every sphere possible. Let’s take the concept of homosexuality, once it was considered one of the most tabooed topic to talk or follow about but now it has emerged as something empowering and encouraging to those people who face real criticism in their day to day lives and they can openly talk about it without thinking of any consequences. Homosexuality has been widely accepted in many societies but there are still places and societies who do not approve of them or don’t accept their sexuality. To build awareness and support to these LGBT people television shows all over the world are really trying to help out bring these topics and they have been quite successful in doing so, they show same-sex relations, their struggles with their families and that with the society, they basically come up with the real issues and struggles of the LGBT people which makes and attracts its viewers to learn and to be aware of the LGBT section of our society.

There is a reason to every show that is put up in a channel whether it is for the entertainment purposes or say it has some moral message in it, LGBT community are real and have existed across history where these TV shows want to increase their realism and representation in such a way that doesn’t or certainly shouldn’t concern straight people, it’s a very good opportunity for the LGBT community to watch these shows which not only motivates or encourage them to be open about it but also they can feel no differences among people regarding their sexuality, also higher percent of actors and actresses are LGBT and it’s very nice for them to see themselves represented, some actors and producers even insist on their being at least one LGBT character or relationship in what they are in, this will not only help the people from the LGBT community but also it promotes diverse cast and culture in the scene.

Through TV shows more and more people will feel comfortable and confident in coming out with their sexuality, it will give sense to all outsiders as well as the people from the community itself that these people also exists in the society and there presence is as normal as other people living in the society which will help eradicate differences among people. As representation is support, positive representation means positive support. It’s very Important for the younger generation to be open about LGBT and to show that there is nothing wrong with being who you are, whether that’s related to gender, caste, race or their sexual orientation, after all they are our future so for them to know about Lgbt is normal will certainly help build our future view on LGBT.

I clearly remember when one of a tv show called “thank God it’s Friday” (TGIF) in the 1990s, where it was programmed very Friday evening, step by step people started watching it, even my family started watching this show, which was relatively diverse in its form, but at the same time it had a basic theme but presented in a different form (for us it was an unique idea), which was very fascinating and by that time it had attracted many viewers, which means more money, so basically directors and producers decided on issues and writings where they can show what public wants as well as them getting financial gains through these shows. And the concept homosexuality helped them achieve financial gains as well as audiences who really got empowered and there was a healthy chance for people getting aware of social issues as such.


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