Fitness Tips for Gay Men in Their 40s

The older we get, the harder it is to stay strong here are some exercise routine that is mandatory for your fitness for gay men in their 40s. Muscle weighs more than fat and bodies that weigh the same look better when they’re more muscle than fat. To gain muscle and muscle strength start with low weights and using a medium to heavyweights. Because our legs are our biggest muscles.

Magnificent manly muscle for fabulous gay fitness

Muscle weighs more than fat and bodies that weigh the same look better when they’re more muscle than fat. For most men in their 40s, too much isn’t possible when it comes to muscles. We’re doing high-impact weight training for one hour a day, four days a week. This is helping us gain muscle and muscle strength. We started with low weights and are now using medium to heavyweights.

Fit gay men keep going

During our 20s when we were more “Twinks than Twinkies”. Now that we’re in our 40s and want to return to our fabulous fit body gay fitness bodies, to get back into the shape it requires at least more than a two-three week time span. Some form of exercise six days a week, come hell or high heels some would say that’s six of one, half-dozen of the other.

Double-team your gay fitness

Like sex and life moreover, exercise is more enjoyable with a companion, though neither of us would support giving up solo satisfaction. It’s easier to bundle up to go outside during the winter when the other is getting dressed to go outside and brave the cold, too. Having a workout buddy keeps us motivated during our 60-minute exercise regime. It makes it easier to work out harder, and harder is always better. Both of us can easily phone in a workout. When we work out together, one picks up the other when the other’s slack.

Circumvent the cursed cortisol

Intense cardio exercises may have worked when we were kids, but during our adult times, these same exercises increase our stress levels more than we need. It is great for body fitness and also help for increased production of Cortisol by increased cardio when we grow old, it’s important to not push cardio too hard. Cortisol is the enemy of gay fitness because it converts blood sugar into body fat.

Lack of sleep

On the other side of lack of sleep causes a shortage of serotonin. When we’re stressed or tired, we want comfort. What’s the easiest way to feel comfortable? Comfort food! The reason we want that breakfast donut, a plate of spaghetti and dessert cake is that high-fat and high-carb foods produce serotonin that makes us tired. This should cause us to sleep more, except that white, processed sweet stuff makes it hard to lose pounds.

Amit Sahai

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