Jewelers Who Offer Stunning Wedding And Engagement Rings For LGBT Community

If you love and adore someone, then you should’ve put a ring on it. Rings represent promise, affection, and love. When it’s time to take the next level in your relationship, then exploring for a ring can be overwhelming. Here are several factors to consider rings including price, size, and color. You might also desire to support an LGBTQ jeweler while picking your wedding or engagement ring and other jewelry as well. We’ve noted a list of LGBTQ jewelers who assist the community, no matter what’s the event. Here is a list of jewelers who advise a range of jewelry for the LGBT community.

  • Woolton & Hewitt

Woolton & Hewitt are specialists in engagement and wedding rings. The U.K.–based store is owned and -operated by the gay community. The Rainbow Collection in this shop offers rings of different metals to represent the LGBTQ+ flag. This collection embodies their pride and community. The Gay Bear Pride ring features different colors of the community like rose, champagne, platinum, yellow and white gold. This ring is perfect for those who like eye-catching and gold-filled rings for your loved ones.

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  • Rony Tennenbaum

If you are looking for an eco-friendly and refined collection of rings for your loved ones then Rony Tennenbaum is your go-to. The company uses EcoGold for its pieces. EcoGold is pure fine gold mixed from existing metal supplies with eco-friendly alloys; it promotes both moral and social responsibility and it is a perfect selection for any occasion.

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  • Proposition Love Fine Jewelry

Proposition Love Fine Jewelry is a collection of extraordinary designs with their custom-made rings. The founders decided to design rings after the same-sex marriage bill passed. The ample collection of this company includes rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Founder Sam and Jonathan decided to be an enthusiastic member of the LGBTQ+ rights campaign by partnering with a designer to exhibit a fine jewelry collection which includes wedding bands and gay pride rings.

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  • LYON Fine Jewellery

Lauren Bedford Russell of The Real L Word began LYON Fine Jewelry. Russell creates extraordinary designs that are diverse and eye-catching for youths. LYON Fine Jewelry offers a large collection of rings, bracelets, body jewelry, pendants, and cufflinks. The signature of this brand is the “Chain” for couples. It’s timeless. It seems to be pretty familiar. It is also available in yellow gold and rose gold.

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  • Automic Gold

Automic Gold is a growing brand in New York City. The band retails a wide category of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and charms. Each piece is produced in the U.S. and is sustainably sourced. The jeweler uses fine reclaimed gold and every piece is handmade. Each piece is exceptional for those who value minimalism, simplicity, and modernity.

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