Best LGBTQ Songs, like Play Date, etc

Do you love watching L.G.B.T.Q movies and reading excellent books by L.G.B.T.Q. authors? Then we are sure you’ll love our article on the best L.G.B.T.Q. music. What is the best way to celebrate the month of love, then the music that celebrates all kinds of love? Due to the global pandemic situation and staying home in 2020 to prevent the unfold of COVID-19, several artists began recording music, which was released online to fill the void left behind because of the traveling restrictions.

The same was true for Queer artists like Melanie Martinez, Rina Sawayama, or Troye Sivan. There are songs like ‘Play Date,’ ‘X.S.”, or more that have helped people connect via good music. 

Some L.G.B.T.Q. artists took inspiration from the 80’s pop music, while others remixed masterful hits from artists like Dua Lipa or Tegan and Sara to help the country when it was down and low. 

Celebrate The Love With Music

As we blissfully departed from 2020, and fortunately for you, we’ve clubbed up all the best L.G.B.T.Q. songs for your playlist to listen to this month right here. These songs by L.G.B.T.Q. artists became an anthem for the world when we celebrated the month of love and acceptance of all people, irrespective of their sexual preferences. 

Bands and songs like “Y.M.C.A.” or Madonna’s “Vogue” are considered iconic gay anthems. So, what are you waiting for) to newer, more recent tracks of today’s most influential voices in music.

Adam Lambert, “Velvet”

“I think it’s time to come back,” says Adam Lambert on the first line of “Velvet” – and if you’re still with LAMBERT at this time disco-gum of his career, you probably agree with that. “Velvet” is the best Lambert made, evoking the revolving era of great musical decadence with Groovi that always adapts to modern parquets. Like Chromeo, but with a welcome index on Coy’s transgression, a clear wink, like “If you think you have found someone, you may be lost in the same material as me.”

Melanie Martinez, “Playdate”

Playdate gained popularity in 2020 to change the actor Timothy Chalamet, which led to its widespread use on the Tik Tok video sharing application, receiving more than 1.9 billion views per month. “Play Date” is a song by American singer Melanie Martinez drawn from the luxury getaway from his first SCream Baby album (2015). “Game Date” Lyrics “Call me on the phone, you feel so far that you tell me you come, there are games you want to play at home, no one is at home. Just. Just At home. You and me “It’s a Pop and Darkwave song. It has a “catchy chorus” and has been called “Pop hymn” and “serious atmosphere.” 

Billy Porter, “For What It’s Worth”

The year 2020 has been a bizarre year for America’s people, from elections to the pandemic, to hatred towards the Asian, Black, and L.G.B.T. community. They saw it all when the country was staring at the barrel of the bleak future. Therefore, Billy Porter, a much-needed cover of the classic Buffalo Springfields, “decided to be classic for what it’s worth. Even though the lyrics remained essentially unchanged (except a judicious complement to a chorus of” changes, “a passion for the goalkeeper’s voice showed exactly what we wanted to hear – the confusion happened before, repeated, and it’s up to us, it makes the difference. 

“Levitating” by The Blessed Madonna & Dua Lipa feat. Missy Elliott 

This song is like a comeback of ’80s power singer Dua Lipa feat. Missy Elliott. In the song, “Levitating” Blessed Madonna’s remix challenges gravity and time; thanks to her futuristic music style, you’ll surely love this track.  

Chaz Cardigan’s “Everything’s Wrong” 

“Everything’s all wrong, and I’ve never been better.” The song’s opening line is undoubtedly the perfect way to sum up, what 2020 has been. If there is a message in this song, then it is only one, that the next year will be better. Chaz Cardigan’s infectious voice and his new single help you embrace the turmoil the world has been in.  

Fletcher with Kito, “Bitter”

“Bitter” is a song you can relate to the emotional spine truce you are trying to carry on: “I don’t care, f*** … yes I did”, sometimes in the song, the police -Fletcher boasts A beautiful drunken regret chorus.

Gia Woods, “Sabotage”

Gia Woods faced all her inner demons with her stunning Cut Season album—but none of them made as deep as “Sabotage. This club mix song features Woods’ signature style, the breathy vocals, earth-shaking bass, and the artists’ true struggle. In the song “Sabotage,” Woods shows her struggle as a member of the L.G.B.T. community. When she says, “Hand on my mouth ’till I drag me to hell/There’s no saving me,” and ends with “Cause I just come back around.”

Isaac Dunbar, “Makeup Drawer”

Pop icon Isaac Dunbar concluded 2020 with his song “Makeup Drawer.” The music has been a champion for those who are struggling to come out as themselves. This single-off also marks significant as in his debut E.P. ‘Insects,’ Isaac shared an enthusiastic kiss-off to disguised homophobia. At the same time, in this song, he decided to acknowledge his femme features.  

Kim Petras, “Party Till I Die”

Halloween was a wash of this pandemic autumn, but Kim Petras wisely postponed the final chapter of her Spooktacular series of Switching Off the Lights until 2021. We all know how difficult it was for adults and children to go on a trick and treating this October, so she allowed us the shining “Party Till I Die.” A backlit electro-pop jam by Petras is a mix between Black Eyed Peas songwriting style or a sob for help, depending upon the urgency in Petras’ voice. In any case, Petras guarantees us she’ll be similarly marvelous in death: “I’ll still be in Vetements… all designer drugs all up in my system.” 

Madame Gandhi, “After You”

If the reflective, persecuted by “after them,” it sounds like logic for the only “you” from Madame Gandhi, “she is an explanation that was originally an exclusive music of Amazon of 2017, now for the broader Available Everything richer is: with a jazz fusion and instrumental break, and Gandhi shows that they can sing for the Lovelorn if they do not appear for the revolution “after they” is a jewel.

Notwithstanding which tune you decide to hear or which song do you think has the best impact. These melodies by L.G.B.T.Q. artists are just the perfect way to unleash your true self and help the world become a better place. So press play and let your rainbow banner fly high.

Amit Sahai

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