Best Queer Video Games With LGBTQ+ Content

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Whether you’ve been out of the gaming zone for years, or you’re simply trying to find one thing completely different to play, there’s no higher time than currently – after you ought to all be staying alone at home, or with your gamer friend – to get back some previous favorites or discover one thing new.

We’ve rounded up a number of our favorite video games for you to urge stuck into, from classics like Mass result and therefore the Sims to a lot of niche offerings like Dream pater and Night within the Woods – even higher, all of them feature LGBTQ characters or storylines.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

In the latest entry into the Dragon Age adventure series, the player becomes the Inquisitor, a ‘chosen one’ vogue character World Health Organization should journey to settle the civil unrest within the continent of Thedas and shut a mysterious tear within the sky that’s unleashing demons upon the globe. the sport options Associate in Nursing elaborate romance system, permitting players to convince a variety of potential lovers as well as a 10-foot bull-man voiced by Freddie Prinze Junior (you recognize Fred from the live-action Scooby-Doo movies). It conjointly featured Bioware’s initial trans character, Cremisius Acclasi, that received praise from the community. Dragon Age: Inquisition was honored with a Special Recognition award from LGBTQ support cluster GLAAD for its inclusion of queer characters.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

You might not be able to maintain real dates throughout the coronavirus pandemic, however, you’ll be able to still get your romance fix with qualitative analysis sims. whereas there aren’t several high-quality entries within the genre that cater to LGBTQ players, Dream Daddy will do an awfully smart job of filling that gap. Players wrestle the role of one male parent whose goal is to satisfy and romance alternative hot dads. handily, you’ve simply moved to seashore city Maple Bay, wherever on the face of it all could be a single, dated male parent – from Teacher male parent to Goth male parent and even dangerous male parent. The design is nice, the dialogue is humorous, and therefore the dad puns simply continue returning. What’s to not love?

Mass Effect: Andromeda

While it should primarily concentrate on open-world exploration and outer-space shoot-offs with aliens, one in every of the foremost attention-grabbing and talked-about aspects of the Mass result series has perpetually been the power to woo and ultimately make out different characters. each Mass result three and also the most up-to-date edition, 2017’s hit Andromeda, featured choices for the player to pursue same-sex relationships. There has been some criticism leveled at the shortage of potential romantic partners for gay men (straight players and queer girls have an additional choice), however, typically you have to be compelled to take the illustration wherever you’ll compass.

Gone Home

If you are looking for an atmospheric change that you can solve at your own pace, Gone Home is the game for you. Players take on the role of Katie, a young woman who returns to her Oregano family house to leave her. with a note on the door asking her not to investigate what happened, which obviously makes the whole situation more enticing and gives her a chance to sort out what happened while still looking for clues and logs seeks. There isn’t much we can reveal without spoiling your story, but when it was released it received critical acclaim for portraying LGBTQ issues and is regularly cited as evidence that video games are an art.

Life Is Strange

The award-winning Life Is Strange was a prime example of the episodic video game format when it was released in 2015. This allowed players to adapt to new chapters of the game every two months, which influenced their decisions in the game. 18-year-old photography student Max Caulfield discovers that he can always turn back time and must use his powers to prevent the city from being destroyed by an impending storm. The. Max quirk was suggested in the original game, while the 2017 prequel to the series Before The Storm gave fans the same-sex romance they had been waiting for.

Night In The Woods

Funded by Kickstarter – where he achieved 400% of his goal – A Night In The Woods is a scrolling exploration game that follows Mae’s abandoned pansexual high school returning to her hometown of Possum Springs to uncover the unexpected changes missing A childhood friend and puzzle which grows in the forest. Well-developed characters bring the game to life, and many are LGBTQ people, including Mae Gregg’s best friend and friend Angus, as well as the trance character Jackie.

Over watch

Blizzard’s futuristic squad shooter has grown into a worldwide phenomenon with a huge fan base who regularly creates fan art and cosplay. The game offers players over 30 characters to choose from, each with their own unique playstyle and skills. We all have detailed stories through animated shorts and stories that can be viewed online. Additionally, the show’s two main characters hail from the LGBTQ community: Fan Favorite Soldier: 76 and the cover star of Tracer. 

Coming Out on Top

This is the first gay-themed video game on simulator/visual from Obscurasoft. the game tells the story of Mark Matthews (a name that may be bespoken by the player), a university student who recently created his coming-out. the role focuses on the last school year of Mark, his relationship together with his 2 roommates, and his romantic and sexual life. The player controls Mark’s adventures, hook up, and qualitative analysis a fresh out homo.

The Last Of Us: Left Behind

Aside from being one of the best game experiences of all time, providing up AN end-of-the-world zombie story that might rival any big-screen epic, Sony’s masterpiece The Last folks additionally featured a significant queer character within the style of an adolescent woman Ellie, the pal of main character Joel. Her physiological property was disclosed within the downloadable content introduction Left Behind, wherever she shared a kiss along with her friend James Whitcomb Riley. The game’s artistic director and author Neil Druckmann have confirmed he wrote Ellie as gay and secure that her physiological property is going to be explored more within the sequel The Last folks’ II. That’s due out later this year, therefore now’s the right time to catch up.

The Sims 4

Many queer peoples remember the joy of discovering that their virtual characters on the first The Sims game might have same-sex relationships, one thing that the long-running and undeniably picture gambling series has continually supported. In recent editions just like the Sims four, queer couples may also wed, adopt kids, and begin their own families, reflective the $64000 world we tend to sleep in and permitting players to vicariously expertise romance through the screen. otherwise, you might simply entice your Sim in an exceedingly burning house. It’s very up to you.

My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant

This point-and-click tongue-in-cheek game is blatant in each of its titles and also the unimaginative cartoon animation. Pecs, abs, and different well-defined muscles permeate the art movement landscape, and you’ll even unlock a mode wherever the boys are all given undies. The title is available on many famous gaming platforms like  Mac/PC/Linux, this 2013 and has gameplay that has been absolutely delineated as “perfect” and “like a Sierra game.”

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Grand Theft Auto has been a bastion of unhealthy behavior throughout the series, and Gay Tony is not any exception. With gaming’s strained history of LGBT illustration, you may surprise why such an antihero may land on this list. however, since GTA’s whole shtick is that the seedy aspect of life, a gay character ought to be no exception. whereas you play the spot kingpin’s bodyguard and not Tony himself, it’s pretty vital that the whole episode is known as for him. There are different characters in earlier video games that were even additional wicked. though these portrayals won’t are favorable or honest, it’s value noting their existence as characters of power.


This series originally focuses on a queer couple, Athena, a badass treasure hunter, and her a lot of cerebral mechanic girlfriend, Springs. In Borderlands two, Nonproliferation Center character small Tiny’s gay physiological property is unconcealed once she admits to a crush on 2 alternative feminine characters within the game referred to as Moxxxi and Maya. In general, sturdy girls rule throughout the franchise, with transmission journalist Jessie Gender tally a minimum of fourteen.

Knights of the Old Republic

A Cathari feminine and knight within the Jedi order, Juhani was the first lesbian in the whole Star Wars series that came back in 2003. At the time, another feminine Jedi, Belaya, delineate Juhani as “a pricey companion to Maine for several years. we have a tendency to spent several nights alone below the celebrities.” Despite the ambivalence in revealing their past or current relationship standing, if you’re enjoying as a feminine character, you’ll be able to romance Juhani. Early versions of the sport allowed male players to additionally court her, however, this was known as a bug and corrected.

Your Royal Gayness

Your Royal Gayness is a fairytale parody game in which you have to live a real life as Prince Amir and rule your kingdom while your parents, the king, and queen, travel. absurd excuses to avoid marriage. 

Steven Universe

A famous children’s cartoon that even adults love, Steven Universe released on gaming consoles a new game sequence Save the Light. While many refer to Ruby and Sapphire jewelry, the romantic couple continually bond as Garnet, as the strongest aspect of the series and video game featured LGBT themes so subtle and beautiful that they permeate the entire universe, though they cover other topics in all.

The Tearoom

A famous name in the erotic gaming world, Robert Yang’s latest creation, Tearoom (2017), is a historically and politically charged sex simulator for public toilets full of fear, police, and what secret dating means for gays. Other famous works of Robert Yang include Succulent and Hurt Me Plenty.

Dreamfall Chapters

This is the first 3D adventure game with an emphasis on the character Hunky Kian Alvane interaction is one of three playable games with a budget of over 1 million dollars. A critically acclaimed episodic five-part game from Norwegian developer Red Thread Games.

The Outer Worlds

The player’s initial potential companion is Pavarti, a big-hearted mechanic in Edgewater. If she joins your crew and you follow her story, she eventually reveals to you that she’s “not abundant fascinated by… physical stuff.” the choice of responses out there to the player when this statement not solely includes support for her sexlessness however the choice for the player to spot that method themselves. additionally, to Pavarti’s ace identity, same-sex relationships are common enough and usually unperceived upon within the Outer Worlds universe.

Butterfly Soup

In this bright and cheerful game based on a visual novel that mixes girls’ friendships, love, and baseball, the player navigates the link of Diya and Min-Seo as they explore and address their feelings for every different point.


And that’s okay. Because video games are cool and we like to get ourselves lost in them, so why shouldn’t we be able to relate to something that we feel is a part of us?

These were just some of the LGBTQ-related gaming that makes you feel joyful. There were several more games that came out in the past decade and many of them included LGBTQ representation. Which were the most impactful games to you gaymers? 

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