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Lesbian to the core. Please take your time before sending an add request.
We are a close group of like-minded lesbians. We are not shy of accepting our sexuality. Being lesbian is not a disease, it's just my sexuality.
queen maeve and elena the boys amazon prime
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I don’t know what brought you here – the mention of Queen Maeve or if she’s lesbian, but I am pretty sure you have watched the extremely popular web series on Amazon Prime “The Boys”. It’s a pretty fucked up superhero show that features some gritty moments, lots of gore, and extremely badass acting. I,…

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There was an instant spark between us. A love that I had never experienced before and an intimacythat makes you feel ethereal. Such things cannot be penned down, they are only meant to be felt bythe heart. Her presence lifted my spirits, no matter how disconsolate I was. She was the perfect onefor me –…

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