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I am not afraid to admit I am a lesbian. A PROUD Lesbian.
We are a close group of like-minded lesbians. We are not shy of accepting our sexuality. Being lesbian is not a disease, it's just my sexuality.
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Homosexuality in India was also recognized as “Tritiya Prakriti” during the Vedic age. The first Mughal emperor of India, Babur was infatuated by a teenage boy and was not straight.  The first book on homosexuality in India ‘The world of Homosexuals’ was written by writer and math wizard Shakuntla Devi. Indian Journalist Ashok Row Kavi…

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4 years ago, I fell in love with someone from my college and it was a really special moment of my life. She was tall, funny, smart, and honestly quite good looking to be with. All I wanted was to be with her and spend almost all my time with her. I thought, I finally…

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